Residencial Appliance Recycling / Purchasing

We do offer recycling and/or purchasing of Appliances from individuals.
recycling is a FREE service we offer all of our customers.

Customer are welcome to drop off (during normal business hours) any appliance they wish to recycle. again, recycling is a FREE service we offer!
Call as drop off times may vary.

At times we do purchase appliances from individuals wishing to sell their appliance. we will pay UP-TO $50.00 per appliance depending on:
*Cosmetic condition
*Working condition
Customer is responsible for bringing the appliance to our warehouse.
Depending on warehouse staff at the time of drop-off, we should be able to help with unloading the appliance
(call first please).
Within 24 hours (in most cases) we will test, inspect and determine a price we can offer for the appliance.

SENDING PICTURES to would help in determining if we would be interested in purchasing your appliance.