Our DIY Ebook was written to help teach our new Technicians our easy/quick procedures on diagnosing and repairing the most common issues they will find in the appliance business. Now this book is made available to you!
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Appliance repair made


My Appliance business has always been about helping Customers save money!

I have numerous “Do it Yourselvers”(DIY’ers) just like you, on a daily basis, asking me for repair advice on helping them repair their own appliance.

That’s why I decided to write this book. I figured if I could combine my most common Tips, Tricks and “How To’s” in one easy guide, that would help you diagnose and repair your appliance Fast and Correct the first time, It would be a Win/Win for both.

I am so confident that this Ebook is packed with all the information you will need to “DIY” (do it yourself) that it comes with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

This Ebook will show you “step-by-step” procedures that I use to teach my technicians the Quickest and Easiest way to diagnose and repair the most common appliance failures.

Thus: Keeping your hard-earned $$$ in YOUR pocket!
In this day and age, Money is harder and harder to come by.
So if you are a “mechanically inclined” guy like me why not

DIY… “Do it Yourself”

I can teach you how.
As an owner of an appliance business, I need to train new hires as quickly as possible.
This Manual is handed to them on their first day of work. It’s helped make repairing the most common appliance faults and procedures so easy, that my new techs are repairing appliances the same day they are hired!

This manual will not teach you “Everything“ there is to fix “All” problems, but it is packed with so much information, I’m confident that you will be able to repair “Most” any problem your appliance is encountering.

Here are some of the diagnose and repair procedures you will learn in this Ebook!


(All Whirlpool brand washers: whirlpool, Kenmore, Roper, Estate, Kitchen Aid, Ingles, Crosley” some” and Sears)

Drive coupler repair
Dog cam replacement
Water valve install
Lid switch replacement
Water pump replacement
Clutch installation


 (All Whirlpool brand washers: whirlpool, Kenmore, Roper, Estate, Kitchen Aid, Ingles, Crosley”some” and Sears)

Gas & Electric
Element installation
Igniter installation
Sequence of operations’
Low/No heat causes
Dead – No Power


Cooling sequence
Automatic Defrost cycles
Heaters / Thermostats
Timers / Control boards
Evaporator / Condenser Fans
Compressor checking

Stoves / Ranges

Bake & Broil igniter
Bake & Broil Elements
Spark switches / Modules
Fault Codes

All this for only $5.00

PLUS: I’m so sure this Ebook will help you repair your own Appliance AND save you Tons of Service fees & Labor costs that I GUARANTEE if you can’t repair your appliance with the help of this ebook You can personally email me with your repair problem and if I can’t solve your problem with 1 email, I WILL REFUND YOU 100% of the purchase price!

What do you have to lose?
Except all those High-Cost service fees!


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